The Modern Bungalow

Do you find two storey houses inconvenient and hard to maintain? Do you prefer flats than two or multi-level houses?

Everybody wants a comfortable yet spacious home that can accommodate a medium sized family. Is it possible to fit a family of 5-6 in a bungalow house? Well, the answer is yes. Bungalow houses don’t have to be small and narrow. As a matter of fact, there a lot of house and land packages in Sydney, Australia selling single floor units that are quite big yet the price is reasonable.

The 200 square meter bungalow house in 38 Ocean Street, Sydney South, New South Wales is the perfect example. This unit has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining area and a full function kitchen. It includes a 4 square meter garden, laundry space, side patio and 2-car garage. Sounds interesting? Absolutely.

No doubt that single floor homes are easier to maintain and definitely child and granny friendly. Contemporary designs are available so, you don’t have to worry about the boring appearance of your home.

You can enjoy your privacy because of the high walls built around the house and the modern styled sliding gate to ensure security. CCTV and alarm system can be installed upon request.

How about if I tell you that this kind of bungalow is for sale for only $800,000? And the best part of it is you can move in right away after paying 5% of its original cost as reservation fee. It is a good deal since the location is near schools, malls, churches, parks, bus and train stations and even work places. Usually, houses near establishments are pricey so, acquiring from this area is a great decision. You can expect that sooner or later, the value of this house and land will appreciate.

The Compact and Cozy Living

This 70 square meter townhouse located at 57 Brown street North Sydney, New South Wales is the perfect starter home for newly-wed couples or for independent individuals who are looking for a comfortable haven.

For some people who are not into condominiums or apartment style properties, this house and land is the best option since freestanding townhomes could be safer and more comfortable for others. Security and privacy are the main highlights of this unit since you have your own gate /fence to separate from other townhouses.

Doors, windows and tiles are made of durable medium with stylish designs made for modern design enthusiasts.  Even if this townhouse package is affordable, the quality of raw materials used are not substandard and cheap. The slab is pure concrete, not made of wood.


  • 2 spacious bedrooms
  • 1 toilet and bathroom; complete with shower head and water heater
  • Living room
  • Dining counter and kitchen

For outdoor features, it has a pocket garden and a car garage. For those who do not consider buying a vehicle soon, you can transform the car port into a patio. Additional special features such as alarm system, dishwasher and air conditioning unit are already provided.

The location is near shopping malls like Westfield Sydney and Broadway Shopping Centre, both huge malls where you can find everything you need, from supermarkets, apparel stores and restaurants. The Sydney Central Business District (CBD) which is the main business center in NSW is definitely accessible.

Schools and other establishments are near the area plus train stations are just few minutes away.

This house and land package is loanable up to 30 years with a loan amount of $500,000 (AUD).Unlike other house plans and packages, this unit has a little interest rate which is 5 % only.

House Versus Condominium

Buying a condominium or a house has pros and cons. One of the advantages of purchasing one is the convenience since most condo buildings has an elevator. Condominiums are perfect for urban living since it is near establishments such as malls, schools and colleges, business district and other leisure areas.

One of the disadvantages or why people not choose condo living is the expensive fees for maintenance and other amenities such as the swimming pool, park, playground, fitness gym and the mini theater. Another reason could be the strict rules implemented. You cannot even renovate the unit without processing a lot of documents and approval from the building administrators.

Many people prefer a traditional house because you are also buying the land unlike in a condominium building, you only pay for your unit; no lot included. When you purchase a house and land you can redesign the house or outdoor space when you want to as long as it is fully paid, without considering the approval of other people.

You can have more privacy when you live in a traditional house because you do not share the same walls and not living too near the neighbors. Obviously, a house has more space where you can entertain visitors without worrying about disturbing others.

But, most house and lots are located in a secluded area or villages wherein business and shopping districts are quite far. Since you have your own space indoor and outdoor, you have to make sure that you can handle the maintenance and improvements unlike in a condo building where maintenance staff check and fix the problems you encounter in your unit.

Both condominiums and traditional houses can be a good choice depending on the needs of the people who live there. But the value of the property after many years is a different issue and something to consider before purchasing one.

Granny Flat Package in Sydney

Granny Flats are in demand not only in Australia but all over the world. For senior citizens, having one is important; it is a necessity. As old people live alone or with caregivers, a convenient space where they can move freely and safely is a must.

Granny flats design is usually with open lay out from living room to dining and kitchen. Bathroom and bedroom doors are bigger compared to the standard size. The purpose of wider and lightweight doors is to make it easier for elders to open or close it without difficulty especially in case of emergency or evacuation and for those who are using wheel chair and homecare beds.

For instance, this 100 square meter granny flat located at 16 Doris Street, North Sydney, New South Wales (NSW) is sold for $400,000 only.

Indoor Features

  • I spacious bedroom
  • 1 toilet and bath
  • Compact kitchen and dining area
  • Living room

Outdoor Features

  • Mini garden
  • A patio for entertaining visitors

Special Features

  • Anti-burglar door and window alarms
  • Fire alarm and smoke detector
  • Ramp upon entry for PWD (Persons with disability)
  • Bathroom railings

In Sydney, Australia, granny flats are affordable and many promotions or packages are being offered. In fact, some units are sold at 50% discount depending on the size and style. Other units has 2 to 3 bedrooms and pre-selling of flats are available for those who want to choose their own lay out and customize to their needs.

Some flats on sale were already built and ready for occupancy upon payment of $20,000 reservation fee. The house is loanable from 5 to 20 years. The terms are flexible and the loan amount is 90% of the total contract price.