Q: Is it more practical to get house and land packages?

A: Yes, because a lot of promos are offered including add-ons and special features. You can also avail discounts and other freebies when you purchase package deals.

Q: Do you own the properties that you sell?

A: No. I am a registered real estate broker and I am affiliated with housing companies and home owners / sellers. I have visited all the properties I am selling on my website and I am familiar with all the features of each and every house in case the client needs further details about a specific real estate.

Q: Are the house and land packages sold loanable?

A: Yes. You can loan a house and land package thru in-house financing, bank or other loan companies. The terms are flexible and you can always choose the plan that you can afford.

Q: Do you schedule viewing or open house?

A: Yes, absolutely. Clients and prospect buyers are welcome to join open-house and property viewing. We have regular schedules and we also can adjust the event depending on the client’s request.

Q: Is reservation required before purchasing?

A: Yes. Reservation can be as low as 1% to 5% of the total selling price. Most houses are ready for occupancy or instant move-in when reservation fee is already paid.

Q: Should I buy a house and land package thru loan or cash?

A: If you are on a tight budget and you don’t have much money to pay in full cash, loan is an option. But, if you have cash on hand to purchase a house and land package, it is the best move since you can save a lot from all the interests rates applied when you loan. Some sellers give discounts when the buyer pays in full.