Granny Flat Package in Sydney

Granny Flats are in demand not only in Australia but all over the world. For senior citizens, having one is important; it is a necessity. As old people live alone or with caregivers, a convenient space where they can move freely and safely is a must.

Granny flats design is usually with open lay out from living room to dining and kitchen. Bathroom and bedroom doors are bigger compared to the standard size. The purpose of wider and lightweight doors is to make it easier for elders to open or close it without difficulty especially in case of emergency or evacuation and for those who are using wheel chair and homecare beds.

For instance, this 100 square meter granny flat located at 16 Doris Street, North Sydney, New South Wales (NSW) is sold for $400,000 only.

Indoor Features

  • I spacious bedroom
  • 1 toilet and bath
  • Compact kitchen and dining area
  • Living room

Outdoor Features

  • Mini garden
  • A patio for entertaining visitors

Special Features

  • Anti-burglar door and window alarms
  • Fire alarm and smoke detector
  • Ramp upon entry for PWD (Persons with disability)
  • Bathroom railings

In Sydney, Australia, granny flats are affordable and many promotions or packages are being offered. In fact, some units are sold at 50% discount depending on the size and style. Other units has 2 to 3 bedrooms and pre-selling of flats are available for those who want to choose their own lay out and customize to their needs.

Some flats on sale were already built and ready for occupancy upon payment of $20,000 reservation fee. The house is loanable from 5 to 20 years. The terms are flexible and the loan amount is 90% of the total contract price.

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