House Versus Condominium

Buying a condominium or a house has pros and cons. One of the advantages of purchasing one is the convenience since most condo buildings has an elevator. Condominiums are perfect for urban living since it is near establishments such as malls, schools and colleges, business district and other leisure areas.

One of the disadvantages or why people not choose condo living is the expensive fees for maintenance and other amenities such as the swimming pool, park, playground, fitness gym and the mini theater. Another reason could be the strict rules implemented. You cannot even renovate the unit without processing a lot of documents and approval from the building administrators.

Many people prefer a traditional house because you are also buying the land unlike in a condominium building, you only pay for your unit; no lot included. When you purchase a house and land you can redesign the house or outdoor space when you want to as long as it is fully paid, without considering the approval of other people.

You can have more privacy when you live in a traditional house because you do not share the same walls and not living too near the neighbors. Obviously, a house has more space where you can entertain visitors without worrying about disturbing others.

But, most house and lots are located in a secluded area or villages wherein business and shopping districts are quite far. Since you have your own space indoor and outdoor, you have to make sure that you can handle the maintenance and improvements unlike in a condo building where maintenance staff check and fix the problems you encounter in your unit.

Both condominiums and traditional houses can be a good choice depending on the needs of the people who live there. But the value of the property after many years is a different issue and something to consider before purchasing one.

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